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2023 Best of Columbus Weddings Charcuterie Catering Winner


“Your workshop turned me into a total charcuterie lover! I love making mini boards at home now for a snack.” 
I love when clients tell me this! I’ve helped tons of people from my neighbors down the street to the staff at Fabletics and Bath and Body Works become experts at creating a charcuterie board. If I went from not knowing how to slice a simple piece of cheese to arranging platters with salami roses, I know you can too! 

Now introducing:

The Local Love Workshop

Learn how to build a beautiful charcuterie board featuring all of our favorite local brands!

Price: $80 per person with a min. of 6 participants

Local partners featured on this board:
- North Country Charcuterie
- Kokoborrego Cheese
- Snowville Creamery
- Prospect Jam Co.

What's included:
• All ingredients to build a 12" board
• 45-minute class led by Brooke teaching you how to style all of your ingredients
• "How-To" step-by-step instruction card
• Shopping list featuring all of Brooke's favorite items to build a board!

Came to Mother’s Day workshop. I was blown away at home much a learned at an hour-long workshop. It was so fun and yummy. I can’t wait to test out my new knowledge by making my own charcuterie tray!
You’re just so genuine! It’s obvious that you love what you do, and I know every board and grazing table you create is important to you. And I love your IG content! One of my favorite things is that you share your journey with us (including some personal stuff) - keep doing that! Makes you more real and relatable!
We chose Boards by Brooke over a few other local charcuterie companies - And I am so glad I did. I had a wonderful experience working with her. Brooke is amazing!
I learned so many different ways to style cheese at the beginner's workshop! I feel much more confident creating beautiful boards at home to share with family.