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2023 Best of Columbus Weddings Charcuterie Catering Winner

When I first started making charcuterie boards I loved it because of the creative outlet it gave me, but now I realize that my true passion is helping other people create welcoming spaces they can share with people they love.

Weclome! I'm Brooke

I help hosts create welcoming spaces with the art of charcuterie, so they can spend more time being present with the people they love.  

A few years ago (February 2020 to be exact), I had this crazy idea to start a side business alongside my full-time teaching job right as the pandemic hit. I love gathering people in my home and charcuterie boards were a great way to provide easy and delicious snacks for everyone. The pandemic caused me to put the idea on hold, but I was able to relaunch it in May of 2021. Fast forward a year later and I’ve now quit teaching to pursue cheese full time! 

Quality time is my love language and gathering my favorite people together is my passion. I can’t wait to help you do it too.

Mr. Cheddar

Meet our official BxB mascot and my favorite little slice!

If you told me 2 years ago that I’d be helping people create deliciously beautiful spreads with cheese - for my job, I would’ve said you were crazy!